In the past two years, Prime Music has grown to help meet the needs of hundreds of young people through their journey of belonging and self-expression through music. From the youngest student in a basic music class to the most accomplished independent label artist, our organization fills a void. The youth that make up Prime Music are as unique as their music is.

Our Mission

The mission of Prime Music is to provide music opportunities for young people that helps to empower their self-expression and drive their artistic growth. We accomplish this through partnerships, programs, and experiences that are one-of-a-kind.

Our Founder

Ray Armstrong founded Prime Music with a vision to improve youth’s music access and opportunities for performing. He supported his son’s high school rock band and decided to create this program to help other youth fulfill their dreams of creating and performing music. Armstrong partners with artists, venues, schools, and organizations in the community to bring opportunities for musical expression to hundreds of children and youth. Through his hard work, dedication, and committed leaders, Armstrong has supported the musical arts programs in the community, such as regular musical events where solo artists and teen rock bands can perform to raise money for charities. He continues his work by helping young people discover their talents and display them whenever possible. This site is dedicated to helping children and youth go further in their music endeavors.