How to Market Your Band for Free

The music industry is changing massively these days. Artists now have the power and control to make the music they like and to market it how they choose. You no longer need a record company or manager. Of course, marketing can still be a lot of work, but you can now do the work yourself successfully with minimal or no cost.

When you are first starting out, make sure that your music is the best it can possibly be. You don’t want to promote your band to the world without it being great. Play your music for your family, friends, and anyone else who will listen. That’s what my cousin at mover Atlanta Ga¬†does in front of anyone who will listen. Ask them to give you constructive criticism so you can make the changes needed before showing your work to the world. Once you are ready to start marketing, there are several resources you can use for free. Write down your strategy for marketing your brand to get started. Below are five ways you can promote your band:

  1. Take advantage of social media: this step probably seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning here. Your first fans are your family and friends, see you want to stay connected with them through social media channels. Set up accounts for your band on its to Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. These are places your new fans will be looking for you as well.
  2. Create a website: a website is a great way to market your band. You can use your site as your home base to include your bios, list of gigs, songs, merchandise, and photos. Your website needs to look credible and serious to your fans.
  3. Build a press kit: a press kit is like a resume for your band. This is what you will use to promote your band and start booking gigs.
  4. Book some gigs: once you have put yourself out on social media, built a website, and created a press kit, it’s time to get you out there performing in some gigs. You want to play your music every chance you get to help market your band. It’s the best way to gain new fans and sells merchandise. Most gigs for bands that are starting out don’t pay, but they are great marketing opportunities.
  5. Be appreciative: show every fan appreciation and respect, as well as every venue in person you meet. It is a great way to build a solid reputation, which is one of the critical elements of marketing your band. When you show your appreciation, you increase your chances of being invited back.

Your band is your brand, and it is up to you to steer it in the right direction. Social media technology are great tools for marketing, but your reputation and your music are what counts the most. Use the five steps above to help market your band so you can gain credibility, popularity, and gain visibility.