The Comeback of A Cappella

A cappella is quite the popular style of music right now. In 2015, Pentatonix won a Grammy for their a cappella performances, a style that uses only voices. This was the first time in a cappella group has ever won a Grammy. With all the success surrounding The Sing-Off on NBC and the successful Pitch Perfect movies, it seems like we’re seeing a cappella everywhere now. My buddy over at Towing Atlanta Ga was related to a past winner, kind of cool once I found out.

The style of music is really nothing new, though. Many times, you will find people talking about a cappella like it is a recent invention, but a cappella can be argued to be the oldest way humans have made music. In America, a cappella has arguably been a popular singing style since before the colonial era.

So why is a cappella becoming so popular now? The biggest part of the answer is media exposure. A cappella is being brought directly into the living rooms of Americans by popular shows such as The Sing-Off and Glee. We also cannot discount the impact that movies such as Pitch Perfect has had in the world of a cappella.

Another thing to consider beyond media influence is how technology has helped a cappella grow in popularity. In fact, YouTube has many a cappella performances available freely for anyone to access. And now, with technology at our fingertips, anyone wanting to perform a cappella simply has to use a smart phone to record themselves rather than an actual recording studio. Being able to share recordings this easily has enhanced the amount of every style of music available, including a cappella. The good thing is, the more visible a cappella is in the mainstream media, the more exposure it gets, thus creating a bigger movement among young people who are being exposed to a cappella. Because of this, a cappella may continue to grow for many years to come. That’s a trend that I would love to see myself.